Clinical evidence

PrismRA® identified patients who are unlikely to respond to TNFi therapies with 90% accuracy1

PrismRA was studied in 375+ biologic-naïve patients with RA enrolled in the Consortium of Rheumatology Researchers of North America (CORRONA) Comparative Effectiveness Registry to Study Therapies for Arthritis and Inflammatory Conditions (CERTAIN) study.1

Stratifying patients with PrismRA can improve RA treatment response rates by up to 40%1

By strategically selecting therapies using PrismRA, the overall patient response rate to first-line therapies may improve, collectively for both TNF inhibitor and alternative MOA therapies.

Response was defined as ACR50 at
6 months.

PrismRA test performance characteristics1


(95% CI)
87% of true ACR50 responders are correctly identified as lacking a molecular signature of inadequate response

Odds Ratio

(95% CI)
identifies patients who are 6.6 times less likely to respond to TNF inhibitor therapies

Positive predictive value

(95% CI)
identifies inadequate responders to TNF inhibitor therapies with 90% accuracy