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PrismRA identifies patients who are unlikely to respond to TNF inhibitor therapies with 90% accuracy.1

PrismRA was prospectively studied in 175 biologic-naïve patients with RA enrolled in the Consortium of Rheumatology Researchers of North America (CORRONA) Comparative Effectiveness Registry to Study Therapies for Arthritis and Inflammatory Conditions (CERTAIN) study.1 The CORRONA CERTAIN study is the largest validation and clinical utility study of its kind. Response was defined as ACR50 at 6 months post TNFi initiation. Actual patient outcomes at 6 months were cross-referenced with PrismRA results. PrismRA® identified patients who are unlikely to respond to TNFi therapies with 90% accuracy.1

Like fingerprints, molecular signatures are unique and reveal how diseases affect each patient differently. Each patient’s unique molecular signature is based on an analysis of disease-associated transcribed single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), whole blood gene expression data and clinical measurements. Together, this information can predict the likelihood that the patient will have a poor response to TNFi medications.

PrismRA can impact prescribing decisions by identifying patients who are unlikely to respond to an TNFi therapies. Directing a patient to the correct therapy can limit the wasted time and costs of TNFi cycling, which is associated with substantial disease progression among those who fail to respond adequately.2

PrismRA gives you actionable results sorted into easy-to-interpret categories that predict a patient’s likelihood of non-response to TNFi medications: Very high: ≥95% likelihood of non-response; High: ≥90% likelihood; Moderate: ≥85% likelihood; No Signal: Molecular signal of non-response not detected. Reports will be delivered via fax.

All patients show enhanced response rates after PrismRA. The patient response rates improves collectively for TNF inhibitors and alternative MOA therapies as first-line treatments.

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