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A step forward
in treating RA

A first-of-its-kind lab test to guide targeted treatment decisions in rheumatoid arthritis

PrismRA®, a molecular signature test, brings precision medicine to RA treatment, providing insights that guide therapy selection and give patients their best opportunity to reach treatment goals. PrismRA identifies RA patients unlikely to respond to TNF inhibitor therapy.*

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No more waiting to see if a therapy
is suited to a patient

By leveraging the early therapeutic window, when intervention is most effective, PrismRA can help prevent the cost associated with delayed effective treatment.

Achieve ~40% better response rates across all first-line treatments by identifying those who do not respond adequately to TNF inhibitors.1

Enable providers to consider alternative approved therapies in patients unlikely to adequately respond to TNF inhibitors.

Save time, a patient’s most valuable and limited resource, by directing them to a more appropriate therapy sooner.

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Actionable results to
help RA patients reach treatment targets

PrismRA gives providers insights to help give patients their best opportunity to reach treatment goals and avoid a class of therapies unlikely to deliver an adequate response.1

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Clinical utility

PrismRA was studied using the CORRONA CERTAIN study, the largest validation and clinical utility study of its kind. Test characteristics were determined using a subset of 200+ RA patients and further validated in a cohort of 175 biologic-naïve patients.

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Positive Predictive Value (PPV)

PrismRA identifies patients who are unlikely to have an adequate response to TNF inhibitor therapies with a 90% accuracy1