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of patients do not respond to TNFi therapy.*1,2 PrismRA helps guide your medication selection.

You are probably wondering which treatment is right for you.

PrismRA is a blood test ordered by your rheumatologist. Based on the PrismRA result, your doctor may find that a TNF inhibitor therapy or a different type of medication gives you a greater chance of feeling better based on your unique biology.

When starting or changing your RA medication, ask your rheumatologist if PrismRA is right for you. It is important to partner with your rheumatologist to create the right treatment plan.

*Response defined as ACR50 at 6 months.

A Simple Process for Better Therapy Selection

Patients have the best chance for long-term relief when they respond to their medications.3,4 Maximize your window of opportunity and let PrismRA help your doctor find the right medicine for you.

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Partner with your rheumatologist to know if PrismRA is right for you

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Your doctor orders PrismRA and your blood sample is collected

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Your blood sample is sent to and analyzed by the Scipher Medicine lab

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The PrismRA result is sent to your doctor within 5-7 business days

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Use your PrismRA result to discuss your treatment plan with your doctor

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Interested in how PrismRA helps guide therapy decisions? Please contact the Scipher Medicine Client Services team.


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1. Incerti, D, Jansen, JP. A Description of the IVI-RA Model v2.0. 2020; last updated January 2020. 2. Curtis JR, et al. Semin Arthritis Rheum. 2010;40(1):2-14. 3. Kavanaugh A, et al. Ann Rheum Dis. 2018;77(2):289-292. 4. Scott IC, et al. BMC Rheumatol. 2018;30(2):32.