PrismRA Lab & Sample Collection

Collect Samples for PrismRA from Your Office in a Few Easy Steps

Collection Step 1

Receive PrismRA Test Kit

Collection Step 2

Complete Test Requisition Form

Collection Step 3

Draw blood

Collection Step 4

Follow PrismRA Post-Draw Protocol

Collection Step 5

Package & Ship Blood Samples to Scipher Lab

Lab Drawing Blood

Making Blood Draws Easier than Ever

If you do not have an on-site phlebotomist available, Scipher Medicine offers several alternatives:

Mobile Phlebotomy Services
We can send a phlebotomist to patients across the country.

Download Icon Download Mobile Phlebotomy Request Form

My One Medical Source (MOMS)
MOMS provides open access to their national network of collection stations and Patient Service Centers at no cost to the patient.

Download Icon Download MOMS Appointment Card

Questions? Need help?

Please contact Client Services:

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Backed by Science, Trusted by Peers

PrismRA delivers proven, data-driven results and has been researched, developed, and validated in over 1,000 RA patient samples. Click the links for documents supporting the clinical validation.

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Over 1,000 RA patient samples

Learn More About PrismRA

Interested in how PrismRA helps guide therapy decisions? Please contact the Scipher Medicine Client Services team.


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