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Founders of Scipher Medicine

Scipher Medicine co-founders Drs. Albert-László Barabási and Joseph Loscalzo used network science to develop the Human Interactome, a novel approach for understanding how proteins expressed from genes interact to cause specific disease phenotypes. This insight informs treatment plans and helps providers select drugs best suited for the patient’s specific disease type.  

Purpose-Built Technology

The PrismRA test is a purpose-built technology. Scipher surveyed payers, providers, and large patient advocacy groups to understand better how precision medicine can improve healthcare outcomes. And so PrismRA was created, and physicians now confidently create better treatment plans for their patients living with RA.

A patient’s journey through reaching her RA treatment goals

Meet Ashley.  Ashley was diagnosed with RA in 2016 and is still working with her physician to find the correct medication to meet her needs.  Ashley believes that a test that identifies the correct treatment plan from the beginning of diagnosis would greatly impact patients. 

Human Interactome

Scipher Medicine develops products that understand your unique molecular signature and can predict your response to targeted therapy. The test informs drug therapy selection and gives patients the best chance to improve their quality of life.

Drug Non-Response

Billions of healthcare dollars are wasted on ineffective therapies each year. Scipher Medicine has created a revolutionary blood test that interprets patients’ clinical data and predicts how they may respond to certain medicines. If a molecular signal of non-response is detected, physicians can suggest a different treatment plan for their RA patient.

First-of-Its-Kind Test

PrismRA is a molecular signature test that helps predict which targeted therapies are less likely to work for certain people with rheumatoid arthritis. The PrismRA test informs provider decision-making and helps patients find individualized and precise therapies.  

Finding the Best Therapy for Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis

PrismRA can help patients find the best medication for their treatment faster.